Black Man Rails Against Portland Protesters: ‘You Ain’t From Here’

A Black man has been filmed railing against a group of protesters in Portland, Oregon, and yelling about how they were not from the city.

Protests have taken place in the city for more than three months since the death of George Floyd, a Black man, in Minneapolis police custody in May.

The demonstrations had stopped for a week because of smoke from the wildfires that are ravaging the West Coast, but resumed on Friday.

A video posted on Twitter on Sunday night appeared to show a Black man, who implied he was local, accuse some protesters of not being from the city—something one of the group denied.

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The man is seen getting out of his vehicle and directing a profanity-laden tirade at the protesters in the clip, which has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

Warning: The video below contains language some may find offensive

“I got something to say, I got something to say… what do you represent?” The man is heard saying as he gets out of a vehicle and confronts the protesters in what appears to be a residential neighborhood

“What do you represent?” He asked. “You don’t represent this motherf*****!”

The man then points to various homes in the street to highlight his point, and said: “You don’t know whose house that was, whose house that was… you don’t know cause you ain’t from here.”

He added: “You don’t know cause you ain’t from here, motherf*****s but you come here and you got a motherf******g little situation for us, how we’re supposed to be. You ain’t from here, you got a little situation for us, n*****.

Approaching the group, he continued: “You got a situation for us, huh? How you want us to be.”

At this point, a person is heard asking the man if they can explain why the protesters are there.

But the man replies: “You ain’t from this motherf*****! You don’t know what we went through motherf*****!”

When one of the group tells the man that they are from Portland, the man continued: “Why are all these motherf*****s that ain’t from here, they don’t look like us, why are they from here?”

In another clip, the man is seen approaching that protester and asking them what high school they attended.

Despite the protester’s answer, the man continues to argue and hurl expletives.

The Portland Police Bureau have been contacted for comment on the incident.

A crowd of anti-police protesters march through downtown Portland, Oregon, on September 19, 2020.
Nathan Howard/Getty Images