How to get a free SSL Certificate?

The whole internet runs off certificates these days. They are the backbone of modern encryption. If you want to run a service in this environment then you are going to need an SSL Certificate. Otherwise, the browsers are going to flag your website as not secure.

The problem with certificates is that they are confusing; they cost money; and then they expire and you need to do it all over again; but what if they were free and what if they renewed themselves. Keep reading this article to know everything about a free SSL and the way you can get it.

How much money should you pay for SSL Certificates?

If you want to use a SSL on the internet, you need assigned by a recognized certificate authority. Depending on where you get them, they could cost less than one hundred dollars a year or more than a thousand for a single domain name. Although you should have a good reason to pay that much money for a single name certificate! As you consider, the mentioned amount of money is per year!

Why do SSL Certificates have limited lifespan?

SSL Certificates have finite lifespan. They stamped with an end date and once that date passes they are no longer trusted. There are a couple of reasons for this:

·        If someone impersonates you by a stolen or dodgy certificate, there is only a certain length of time you can try to use

·        If a technical flaw found in the technology, new certificate standards will release and the old ones will naturally fall out of use; whether their owners bother to update or not.

Why a free SSL is so popular?

The problem is that this validity period keeps getting shorter in the name of improved security. It used to be 10 years then it was five then it was two! Technically, it is still officially two years, but practically speaking a bunch of browser makers have banded together and said, they will not trust certificates with a duration more than one year.

In reality, the maximum duration is now one year and each of them has a different installation process! You might be able to buy one for longer, but there is no point if browsers will not trust it. This means that administrators find themselves needing to install certificates more and more often.

The certificates have more usage today in more places than ever before because all communication encrypted. In addition, frequently renewing them in each of those places is crucial.

In recent years, more than 74 percent of organizations experience outages because of expiring certificates. These are probably a big part of the reason people mess them up!

The duration of free SSL

The best free certificates such as Let’s Encrypt are completely free, open source and advocate the use of free software to automate the renewals. The short duration is a risk mitigation in case someone discovers a flaw in the automation. If it is completely free and automated, the duration does not matter at all.

The goal of providing free SSL

The goal of providing free certificate providers is making the internet a safer place for everyone by encrypting everything. Barriers to this are cost and effort. Therefore, the providers give the tech away free and try to do as much of the work for you as possible.

Getting a free SSL

You can get a free SSL Certificate from free plan providers such as Cloudflare following these steps:

1.     Create an account on free plan provider websites

2.     Add your website to the newly created account

3.     Change your Nameservers

4.     Install the Cloudflare plugin

5.     Enable SSL in Cloudflare



In this article, we tried to share every useful information about free SSL Certificates, introducing some of the best providers during the examples, the reason you should use these free plans and their benefits. In order to use these plans, you should search for the best providers and choose the right one carefully. 


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