Nearly Half of Trump, Biden Supporters Have No Close Friends Supporting the Other Candidate

Nearly half of Americans who support either Donald Trump or Joe Biden say they have no close friends or few close friends who support the opposing 2020 presidential candidate.

A slight majority of Biden supporters between the ages of 18 to 34, 51 percent, say they have “no friends who support Trump” in their close friend group, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. And among Trump supporters with a high school degree or less, almost exactly half say they have “no close friends who support Biden” in his bid for the presidency this November. The latest Pew study follows a series which highlighted how Americans of all ages and demographics have become increasingly divided on political issues ranging from race to immigration to health care.

About 60 percent of Trump supporters reported having “a lot” of close friends who similarly support the president, compared to 48 percent of Biden supporters who noted having “a lot” of friends who support the Democratic nominee. But on the other hand, 42 percent of Biden supporters said they have absolutely zero friends who back Trump. And 39 percent of Trump backers said they have no close friends on the side of Biden.

An overwhelming majority of Americans overall, around 90 percent of supporters for both politicians, said they have at least have “some” friends who support the other candidate.

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In perhaps the widest divide of the survey, 67 percent of Black supporters of Biden said they have zero friends who support Trump. There was not enough information collected in the Pew study to create any data for the opinions of Black Trump supporters.

A Pew survey on voters’ attitudes toward race and gender released earlier this month found stark divides between Trump and Biden voters on nearly all topics. Almost three-quarters, 74 percent, of Biden supporters agreed it’s “more difficult” to be Black in America versus white, compared to just nine percent of Trump supporters who agreed with that statement.

About 80 percent of Biden supporters agreed “women still face significant obstacles that make it harder for them to get ahead of men,” compared to just 26 percent of Trump supporters who agreed.

A wide-ranging set of factors including one’s age, location, and education level also impacted the Pew survey. Among Trump supporters over the age of 65, two-thirds reported having “a lot of friends” who also support the president. But that number is cut in half when the same senior-age Americans were asked how many of their friends are Biden supporters.

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Among Trump supporters between the ages of 18 to 34, 41 percent said they have a lot of friends who also support the GOP president, compared to 38 percent who said they have close Biden-supporting friends. A majority of Biden supporters with college degrees or higher reported having plenty of friends who also support the Democratic candidate. But just shy of 50 percent of Trump supporters with a college degree said they also have a lot of like-minded friends backing the president.

Newsweek reached out to both campaigns for reaction Sunday afternoon.

trump biden supporters standoff
Trump supporters holding a rally, confront a counter-protestor wearing a BLM shirt in Tujunga, a north neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, August 21, 2020. Two-thirds of Black supporters of Joe Biden reported having zero close friends who support Donald Trump, according to a recent Pew survey.
KYLE GRILLOT / Contributor/Getty Images


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