Xbox Series X & S Preorder Tips: 8 Best Ways to Avoid Pre-Release Sellouts

Xbox Series X and Series S preorders are set go live Tuesday, September 22, at 11 a.m., and that means you should already be preparing for the rush if you intend to get a console on day one. Below, we’ve outlined a few expert tips that helped us secure two PS5 preorders and PS4 and Nintendo Switch deliveries on day one. Want to be the first on your block to get a new Xbox? Here’s what you should know.

Where to preorder an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S

xbox series x microsoft store page
Xbox Series X and Series S preorders are nearly underway. Below, we outline some of the best tips you can use to avoid being sold out. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S release November 10.

Before getting to the proper tips, here’s a quick reminder of the places you’ll be able to preorder an Xbox Series X or Series S on Tuesday. Not every retailer has store pages ready yet, but these links should still point you in the right direction.

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Xbox Series S and X preorder tips

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Have your payment details and logins prepared to get your Series X or Series S preorder fast.

Start your preparations early: Microsoft has offered an exact start time for its Xbox Series X and S preorders, but, if there’s anything the PS5 preorder fiasco has demonstrated, it’s that you shouldn’t take that timing as gospel. Once a retailer has a price and release date for a hot item, they have very little imperative to wait to start selling it. It seems likely given the backlash to the PS5 rollout that stores may play fair this time around, but you certainly shouldn’t expect them to. Be watchful as early as life allows.

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Pick a fast device: Store pages are going to be crashing left and right once Xbox preorders go live, so the best way to mitigate some of that frustration is to use a device you trust. For many of you that will probably be your phone, but a decently powerful computer will also get the job done. The last thing you want is for tabs to be loading slowly purely because of your hardware.

Have your logins ready: Once you’ve selected your retailer from the above list, make sure you’re logged in and ready to go on all your sites. If you plan on buying from a phone, download your retailer’s app and log in beforehand. Apps are generally snappier than navigating a website if you’re ordering from a phone.

Save your payment: While there’s some debate over whether or not your debit and credit details should be saved on a retailer’s website, it always helps to do so ahead of time if you’re purchasing a hot item. While preorders are mostly “first come, first serve,” the one who’s first is typically the one who hands over their money the fastest. Don’t waste time typing in digits with an Xbox in your cart. You can delete the card info afterwards if you like.

Make sure payment is good: Make sure your payment method has enough wiggle room to pay the full price (including any possible tax) of the Xbox model you want. Amazon won’t charge you at all until your Xbox ships, but stores like Walmart and Best Buy reserve the full preorder amount through shipment before officially taking it. Don’t be the loser whose card gets declined on preorder day. Again, retailers reward customers who give them their money the fastest.

In-store pickup option: While we personally haven’t used this one, many shoppers swear by using an in-store pickup option at retailers like Walmart or Best Buy if it’s available. Technically speaking, shipping the Xbox to a retailer probably means you’re a bit more likely to get it on day one because it eliminates any possible snafus with local delivery by putting your system on the truck with all the others going to the store for launch. Of course, you would have to leave your house during a pandemic, which presumably won’t suit everyone’s individual comfort levels.

Monitor the right sites: While the old-fashioned F5 refresh still does its job, it might also help to keep an eye on select Twitter accounts like Wario64 and IGN Deals. Accounts like these will let you know as soon as preorders go live from major retailers. It might help to enable tweet alerts from these accounts on your phone as well.

Don’t panic if stock runs out: If you happen to see “out of stock” messages at every store, there isn’t necessarily a need to panic. While a large chunk of stock is probably gone, stores will open up smaller allotments at random times in the days ahead. That’s where the above-listed Twitter accounts may come in handy. In our experience, you may be less likely to get a console on day one if you catch one of these later offerings, but even then your order might only be a couple days late.

Follow this advice, and you’ll have a great chance at snagging the Series X or S you’re looking for.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are set to release November 10.

Were you able to get an Xbox Series X or S preorder? What tips do you have that might help others out? Tell us in the comments section!


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